Adding a new state for exported tapes?

Hi guys,

There are currently three states for a TAPE, “ACTIVE”, “DISABLED” and “BROKEN”, but no explicit state for exported tapes. The reason option can tell us why a tape is disabled, but it may be more convenient to add a state of “EXPORTED” for these exported tapes.

Hi Yujiang Bi,

thank you for your comment, this is a valid request. In the past (in CASTOR) we used to have EXPORTED state but since many years, we actually do not physically export the tapes from the libraries.

But that doesn’t mean that others do not do that. I will open internal ticket for this for discussion. It will take time even to discuss as many people are on vacation and even longer to implement.

Best regards,

Vladimir Bahyl

Hi Vladimir,

That sounds great! We currently have a small tape library, and have to export old full tapes out. It will certainly make it easy for us to filter these exported tapes. Looking forward to seeing the option soon!

For completeness, here is the link to the related ticket I opened:


Apologies for the late reply (holidays) but I would add my support to the creation of an EXPORTED flag. We do send tapes offsite.