All.manager and the FST configuration for the little EOS


Reading through and seeing the configuration of the all.manager field for the FST xrootd instance, I’m not sure of the purpose given the rest of the CI configuration, or the documented EOS setup, does not have a service listening on the defined port 2131, nor the xrdfed service enabled.

My understanding is this is related to third party copy, are you able to share if this used in production?


I believe the origin of the following line in

  • all.manager localhost 2131

is the example file from EOS which is here:

I have to say that I too do not know what is listening on port 2131.

I have sent a message to one of the EOS developers to see if they think this configuration line is useful.

Elvin from the EOS development team says this line has no use. I am going to test this theory by removing it from the CI in a separate “test” branch.

All gone. I have removed the all.manager line from the configuration file of the CI and it made no difference to the correct functioning of the CI. I have also removed the line from the documentation you referenced:

Many thanks for spotting this!

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