Announcement: CTA-4 and EOS-4 end-of-support plan

Dear CTA community,

With CentOS-7 EOL date approaching (30th June, 2024), we plan to move our infrastructure to Alma9
and start releasing CTA RPMs for this distribution.

We are planning this change to coincide with our own end of support for EOS-4 and CTA-4.
To make this transition simpler, we will keep supporting CTA-4/EOS-4 for CentOS-7 until June 2024.
However, for Alma9 RPMs will only be released for CTA-5 (and EOS-5).

Once CentOS-7 releases stop, so will the CTA-4/EOS-4 releases.

Anyway, we advise all sites to move to EOS-5 already.
At the moment, all new CTA-EOS features are being added to EOS-5 while EOS-4 development is already frozen. Until July 2024 will only touch EOS-4 for unavoidable bug fixes.