Bootstrap_kubernetes didn't work offsite

While trying to get the CI instructions running at FNAL, I had a lot of problems with the kubernetes part. Mostly around networking. This was compounded by the fact that the kubernetes installed from CC7 was version 1.5 and k8s is now on 1.21 or higher. So there was no documentation available for 1.5 anymore to help me debug the issues.

I finally got everything working by installing docker and k8s from their own repos so I have a modern version of both. I also had to switch the network overlay from flannel to calico (still not sure why).

If there is interest, I can post my version of the k8s install script if you think it would be useful.

Hello Eric,
you are rightfully pointing the fact that the kubernetes version in CI is really old.
I have been planning some reshuffling for a while but CI works reliably enough with this old version so this was postponed until very recently,

Do not worry about network overlay change: best practice changed regularly in kubernetes and I am running a 1.19.2 kubernetes cluster with calico with no issue.

Do not hesitate to share your install script: I was planning to resume CI work and k8 pod architecture in September so this can be helpful.

Just a few things: with a newer kubernetes version you will need to slightly patch the CI scripts to avoid using the -a flag for example as it has been deprecated a while ago.

I should be able to provide you a patch for these minor troubles until this is in one of CTA branches.