Cta | git | repository size | big docs and RAO dirs

Hi all,
I am sure that you know but as thoughts about git repo size for CTA. It is 838MiB for the moment and
there are some big dirs inside repo which are docs and RAO.
To get and store such big repo outside CERN takes time and space. Maybe it make sense to move not sources to the git sub-project or something like this to avoid them if we need to clone only src to build.

It make sense for external CI based on CTA git repo.


Hi Victor, we have a plan to solve this problem, see Move subdirectories from CTA dev repo into new repos (#1182) · Issues · cta / CTA · GitLab

This issue with the large files in the docs and RAO directories is now solved. We have removed the offending files: CTA Gitlab project and repository migration

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