CTA Monitoring What is extracted?

I am starting to work on monitoring for CTA. I know that cern is already using CTA so has some form of monitoring. I have heard that I need to look at the output from cta-admin and scanning the logs of the CTA Frontend and the Tape Server. Some information we would like to monitor are for example: which tapes are mounted, how many files/bytes are read/written in a mount session, and the rates of those things. If you have any information on that kind of information that would be great as I do not see the point in reinventing the wheel. I do know that CERN is using tools that may not be used by other labs so just a general idea direction on these would be useful to start with. Thanks.

A lot of our monitoring is just relying on regularly running a set of cta-admin --json commands against the cta-frontend to collect some structured data that can go in the monitoring: this happens every 5 or 15 minutes depending on the target refresh rate for the graphs.

Regarding the tape mounts we collect them from cta-taped logs and look at log messages with MSG="Tape session finished": these messages give a pretty good description of the dismounted tape with tape mount sessions statistics.