Cta-ops-admin config file examples

ctaopsadmin]# cta-ops-admin drive ls
Could not find config for tool cta-ops-admin in /etc/cta-ops/cta-ops-config.yaml

What goes into the cta ops admin config file? Do you have some examples?

Hi Jeff,
there is an full example config file at the root of that repo: cta-ops-config.yaml · master · cta / CTA Operations utilities · GitLab

You should need only the global and the cta-ops-admin sections to get going with this tool.

Note that one should adapt it to the local environment. Change paths to binaries, configure tape drive to library mappings, etc.

If you’re on AlmaLinux9 already you may also want to have a look at the alma9 branch. It isn’t merged into master yet, but you can build the pip packages yourself in the mean time.