Cta-verify-file fails: v5.8.7-1


cta-verify-file doesn’t seem to work in v5.8.7-1…fails with:

[root@dcache-enstore01 ~]#  cta-verify-file -v V01026 -I 3690234 -i dot -u rlueken
prepareToRetrieveFile: getMountPolicy: bindString failed: paramName=:MOUNT_POLICY_NAME: bindString failed for SQL statement SELECT MOUNT_POLICY_NAME AS MOUNT_POLICY_NAME,ARCHIVE_PRIORITY AS ARCHIVE_PRI...: Optional string parameter :MOUNT_POLICY_NAME is an empty string. An optional string parameter should either have a non-empty string value or no value at all.

Any ideas?



strange, this works for me (using 50% of your options):

[vlado@cta-frontend01 /]$ cta-verify-file -v L85310 -I 4298481550 -i dot -u rlueken

Here is how we have the verification mount policy configured:

[vlado@cta-frontend01 /]$ cta-admin mp ls | grep verifi
       verification         50    14400         50      300 mvelosob ctapreproductionfrontend01 2022-05-04 13:39    vlado        cta-frontend01 2022-06-09 10:17 Tape Media Verification framework mount policy
[vlado@cta-frontend01 /]$ grep -i verifi /etc/cta/cta-frontend-xrootd.conf
cta.verification.mount_policy  verification

As for the nasty error message, that is definitely a bug. Can you please open a CTA ticket?



hi Vlado,

Thanks. It now seems to work after defining the verification policy on the cta-frontend-xrootd.conf file.


I was able to reproduce this at CERN and opened internal issue: Sign in to CERN

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