Deleted a Repack Object that is needed


As I was trying to clean up some repack requests that were stuck in the Pending state, I deleted a several rados objects containing the string “Repack” in their name. Unfortunatelly, one of them

looks like it should not have been deleted because

[root@cta-front05 ~]# cta-admin re ls
In BackendRados::read(): considering empty object ( as non-existing.
[root@cta-front05 ~]#

Can you please help?

Many thanks,


OK - just realised that there is this very usefull too


which did the trick

Hi George,
I couldn’t see a mention of it above, so just in case you were not aware: There is a dedicated command for deleting repacks: cta-admin repack rm --vid <tape_vid>. This is generally much safer than modifying the objectstore direcly, which is in turn more of a last resort.
If cta-admin repack rm failed in an unexpected way, then please let us know so we can look at the issue.