EOSCTA service versions

Hi all!

Is there any place were I can find information about compatibility matrix for EOSCTA components?
I am going to try to install an EOSCTA prototype on Ubuntu 20LTS where all components will be inside containers (even ceph). So I would like to know which versions of CTA, EOS, CEPH, QuarkDB, PostgreSQL will work together and tested but only think of cta spec as a source.

Many thanks in advance!

Hello Victor,
closest thing is the versionlock file.

This will give you most of these.

For quarkdb, you should stay away from version 5 for EOS4: this is a software version locking issue that just happened recently with eos 5 tests., but we need to add it in version lock too.

For postgres, this is also versioned for every commit in the postgres container definition we use for internal postgre CI tests.

As usual: CI is the reference for software versions.

It should be easy to get this recommended software version matrix from looking at these for each tagged release: we could generate it automatically and update it for every new CTA release.

But we may not go as far as getting a full compatibility matrix: testing multiple software stack version in CI is just time consuming…

Hope it helps,

Hi, Julien

Recommended version matrix is far enough for me thx for pointing where/how to find it.