Intergration of CTA in an EOS instance


I am trying to understand here
how can I install/intergrate CTA in the simple test EOS docker
instance created as per

Can you please give me some clues/pointers?

Many thanks,


Hi @george_patargias,

I’ve implemented CTA in k8s with EOS inside k8s as well. I can’t release my work just yet, but I can certainly show you how I did various things. We use our own build of EOS inside containers, but there’s nothing particularly different from the CTA perspective.

I used the unit testing build from the continuousintegration directory in the CTA source tree for working out how best to do the various things. The biggest thing was making sure authentication worked properly, and adding the few lines to the FST and MGM* configurations for the tape integration.

The GCD needed to run along side each FST, so I had to do a shared namespace mount of the filesystems, but if you’re not particularly attached to splitting the services up, you can run them inside the same container.

I had to ensure the hostnames of containers and service endpoints remained consistent.

Hello David,

Thanks for your reply. I am still at a very early stage of the deployment, i.e trying to understand how everything fits together!

My question is probably trivial and it is about the `/etc/cta/cta_catalogue_db.conf’ that contains the connection string to the CTA catalogue (Oracle DB). Where exactly (which headonode) in the EOS instance this file needs to be?


Hello George,

I have it called /etc/cta/cta-catalogue.conf, and I have it configured on both the tapeserver and the frontend containers. The tapeserver definitely references this in the code, so I believe it’s required.

Thanks for the reply David.