Introduce yourself

Welcome to CTA Community! Please use this thread to introduce yourself.

I am Michael Davis, project leader for the CTA Project. I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I arrived at CERN in 2014 and I joined the IT Storage Group/Tape Archives and Backups section in 2017.


I’m David Jericho, an architect for the Australian NREN, AARNet. I’ve collaborated with CERN going back to 2014 or so, working with EOS as the filesystem underneath our ownCloud offering called CloudStor. We’ve had huge success with that collaboration, and we’d love to be able to contribute and work with the CTA team.

There’s a real need to archive research data in Australia, this being the root of my interest in CTA.

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Hi! I am Katy Ellis, I work at RAL as the CMS/Tier 1 Liaison.

I have been doing configuration and testing of Rucio for the integration of Rucio with CMS, with particular responsibility for tape endpoints. CTA requires particular functionality in Rucio and FTS to make transfers via EOS disk.

RAL is committed to the adoption of CTA in 2021/2022, so my experience in testing with CMS will be useful.

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Hi everyone!

I am Paul Millar, working at DESY/Hamburg on various projects, mostly related to dCache storage technology in some way or other.

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Hello everyone!

I’m Steven Murray from CERN. I have been working on CASTOR 2 and CTA for about 12 years now. I’ve been working in and around CERN for a while, having started at CERN as a technical student in 1995. I am the technical lead on the CTA project which simply translates to “I’m the old timer from CASTOR”. My current development work focuses on the CTA database and the CTA garbage collectors. I am also the liaison between the CTA project and the ALICE experiment.


I am George Patargias from RAL Tier1. For the last 4 years I have been working on the configuration and operation of CASTOR at RAL and am I will be working to set up the EOS-CTA service and the migration from CASTOR.

Hi everyone!

I am Mwai Karimi, working on data archiving & other storage solutions at DESY.

Hi All, I’m Michael and I also work with David Jericho at AARNet.

Pleased to meet you all.

I’m Eric Vaandering. Currently working on Rucio for CMS, but beginning and evaluation of CTA for Fermilab.

Hi all,
I’m Richard Bachmann. Just joined the CERN Tape Archives and Backups section as a fellow last month. I’ll be doing some DevOps work, such as assisting in the EOS-CTA reconciliation effort, the library hardware tasks and the monitoring system.