Is 4.10.8/5.10.8 the latest stable realease for EL7?


Just noticed you added rpms for 4.10.8/5.10.8 version (18/03/2024) in in the public CTA repos.

Can you please confirm if this is latest public release? I didn’t see the announcement in the Releases category so I am just double checking.

As far as I remember from discussions in the CTA workshop, this version is compatible with the 14.0 schema version of the CTA catalogue.

Do I understand correctly that his version has been tested in production with EOS 5.1.28 ?



Hi George,
I confirm this is the last stable public release as of today.
Version 4/5.10.8 requires schema 14.0 (upgrade schema in version 4/5.10.0 compatible with schema 13.0 and 14.0) and it was in production along with eos 5.1.28 for a while at CERN.

Best regards,
Julien Leduc

Hi Julien,

Many thanks for confirming this.



Hi George,

This version was made available last week after the CTA workshop, but I hadn’t managed to write the announcement yet. It’s done now :slight_smile:

I would like to add that we plan to start publishing our Alma9 RPMs soon.
Contrary to CentOS7, we plan to make all Alma9 RPMs available to the public for testing.
There will be a subdirectory for testing RPMs and another for stable RPMs.

Hi Joao,

Thanks for this! Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound critical; I just wanted to double to check that I am using a version which you trust as a stable one.

Re the Alma9 rpms, I will keep an eye in the following repos, right?


Hi George,

No worries! :slight_smile:

Yes, 4/5.10.8 is the version we have been using for a while were, without any major problems.
Regarding Alma9, that’s where we plan to put their RPMs indeed.