Kerberos service authentication in CTA?

We now deployed CTA 3.1-13 and EOS 4.8.34 on 3 VMs, a Kerberos server, and created a service keytab for cta-frontend. Service like cta-taped, cta-frontend cta-rmcd, and Postgres look OK, but we encountered such error when we ran cta-admin drive ls:
Error from XRootD SSI Framework: [FATAL] Connection error

I made a simple debugging, and it seems that it goes wrong when executing
auto stream_future = cta_service.SendAsync(m_request, response);
in cmdline/CtaAdminCmd.cpp, and in the function SendAsync in xrootd-ssi-protobuf-interface/include/xrootd-ssi-protobuf-interface/include/XrdSsiPbServiceClientSide.hpp, the request doesn’t receive any data, throw an connection error exception, and exit.

I saw a similar problem in CTA/EOS-XrootD SSi Connection Error, but still, it does not work.