Monitoring eoscta

Hi there,

Which monitoring setups do you have/use that can easily be adopted?


Hi Mwai,

We have nothing “out of the box” - what we use at CERN is tied to our local monitoring infrastructure. You may be able to take inspiration from some of the probes and visualisations however. I think the best approach would be to put this on the agenda next time we meet and we can give you a quick overview.



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Hi all!
Sorry to put this topic back.
I tried but not found any presentations and descriptions.

I am interesting in monitoring cta tape part (make some information available for users mostly) like tape usage (vmgrlisttape in castor). For the moment I only see an approach with running as administrator cta-admin --json tape ls -a and saving the output somewhere for users to read. Maybe there is another more simple way to generate tapeinfo for users or allow access to cta-admin for readonly somehow?


Hi Viktor,
cta-admin tape ls -a is dumping too much information for end users or tape operators: beyond a few tapes it quickly becomes useless…
There is no such thing as readonly admin access.
We use tape ls --json to feed our monitoring backend with summarized data and then we give access to our monitoring dashboards to operators or specific users.

No one asked for individual tape information drill down.


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