Option to rename cta-admin entity names


Would it be possible to have an option to rename the name of created objects via cta-admin?

Occasionally our workflow changes and altering the name of the storageclass, tapepool or mountpolicy becomes necessary. It would be preferable to change this via cta-admin and not directly on the db.

Certainly this might not be necessary for all sites but it may come in handy for some with similar ops.

We are open to discussion!


Hi Mwai,

In the case of storageclass and tapepool, the primary key is a unique ID, so in principle changing the name is possible. However, the storage class name is stored as a text extended attribute in the EOS namespace, so changing the storage class name would break this link between the disk namespace and tape catalogue.

In the case of mountpolicy, the name is the primary key, and it’s a foreign key in other tables. Changing the name is complicated as it could violate DB constraints.

Another way to achieve what you want would be to create a new storageclass, tapepool or mountpolicy, update the rules and then delete the old one. This could be done by a wrapper script around cta-admin. What do you think about that approach?


Hi Michael,

Indeed, the latter would have been our go to presuming the viability of the request. So that’s in order for us.


Hi @Mwai,
I just wanted to add that if you write such a tool it could be a fine addition to the public operator tool repo. There are surely also other people in the community that will have a similar use case at some point.

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To precise more specifically what Richard meant, I think this could be added to options of the cta-ops-admin wrapper script which is here:

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