Public release 4/5.10.0-2 announcement

Dear CTA community,

We have published the versions 4.10.0-2/5.10.0-2 of CTA in our public repo.

This release includes the new catalogue version 14.0, as well as all the code changes introduced by the previous versions.
This catalogue version has been deployed at CERN since 26/06/2023.

Important features:

  • New catalogue version 14.0.
  • Catalogue upgrade scripts from 12.0 to 14.0 (catalogue version 13.0 should not be used, due to a bug).
  • All features included in this release (and previous releases) can be found in the Release Notes document:

Public RPMs installation instructions:

Catalogue schema upgrade instructions:

Requirements for update:

  • Having a previous release installed with catalogue version 12.0 (ex. public release 4.8.7-1/5.8.7-1, or any release after 4.7.10-1/5.7.10-1).
  • To confirm that the current catalogue version is 12.0, run cta-admin version.
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