Public release 4/5.10.8-2 announcement

Dear CTA community,

We have published the versions 4.10.8-1/5.10.8-1 of CTA in our public repo .

This catalogue version has been deployed at CERN for a few months and has been stable in production.

Important features:

  • This is the first public release since 4/5.10.0-2.
  • This version requires setting a default VO (virtual organization) for repacking operations.
    • A VO can be set as the default repack VO with :
      • cta-admin vo ch --isrepackvo true|false.
    • The instructions will be updated in our online documentation.
  • All features included in this release (and previous releases) can be found in the Release Notes document:

Public RPMs installation instructions:

Requirements for update:

  • Having a previous release installed with catalogue version 14.0. This catalogue DB update can be performed with the CTA release 4.10.0-1/5.10.0-1.
  • To confirm that the current catalogue version is 14.0, run cta-admin version.

Other notes:

  • Over the next few weeks we plan to make the RPMs of versions 4/ and 4/ available to the public. As mentioned during the CTA workshop, we are using these RPMs to switch our CTA infrastructure to Alma9. This is still a work in progress.
  • As requested by several people, we will be making all of our Alma9 RPMs available to the public, even if they are still in testing or unstable:
    • We are still refining our public repo for Alma9 but, once done, you will be able to get both the testing and stable (aka recommended) RPMs from there.