Public release 4/5.8.7-1 announcement

Dear CTA community,

We have published the versions 4.8.7-1/5.8.7-1 of CTA in our public repo.

This is our latest internal release. It has been deployed at CERN since 03/04/2023 and has been stable.

Important features:

  • Significant optimisation/reduction of the number of catalogue DB queries.
  • Added support for HTTP (including HTTP REST API for recalls).
  • New CTA tape states (repacking, broken, and others) - documentation link.

For the full list of features and fixes, check the release notes:

Public RPMs installation instructions:

Requirements for update:

  • Having a previous release installed (ex. public release 4/5.7.14-1, or any release after 4/5.7.10-1) with catalogue version 12.0.