Reclaim tape space in CTA


How we can reclaim the space on a tape which had files that have been deleted from the EOS namespace? Do we only have to run the command cta-admin tape reclaim?

I was wondering if the recipe

cta-admin tape ch --vid YOUR_VID --full true
cta-admin tape reclaim --vid YOUR_VID
cta-admin tape rm --vid YOUR_VID

found in the thread Tape wiped, but catalogue still believes the tape has records

is relevant




I would recommend doing first: cta-admin tape repack.

Once the tape successfuly passed through the repack and is empty, the cta-admin tape reclaim can be executed.

Repacking empty tapes will take ~1 second. Repacking non-empty tapes will point to the fact that they are not empty.

Hope this helps.