Repack intermediate files persist in the default space


We have noticed that the occupancy of our EOS default space is constantly >15%. Examining the dumps of the filesystems we found out that most of these files appear to be intermediate files from repack. e.g.


Some of these files have recent timestasmps so they can be conceivably related to an existing repack operation but there are others that are more than a month old (from failed repack ops?)

As far as I understand, when a file has been successfully repacked to another tape the intermediate EOS namespace entry is deleted so I am unsure why all these files are still in the default space (and all have Redundancy: d1::t0)

How we should we go about this? Should we just delete these (some or all) intermediate files?


Hi George,

You should investigate why these files were not repacked. Check which tapes the files are present on with cta-admin tapefile ls. Then look through your logs to see what happened during the repack operation and why it did not complete. You should also look in the failed jobs queue to see if there is something there.