Schema upgrade with Postgres?

Does Automated upgrade - EOSCTA Docs apply to Postgres as well as Oracle? And I know there is something special with certain release numbers being the bridge. Does that apply to the container instructions or is that taken care of in the container itself? If there is something special, can that be added?



In principle, yes, in that the Liquibase tool also supports Postgres and there is an upgrade script provided.

Caveat emptor: we test this in CI but don’t have a production DB to test it against. We strongly recommend you make a clone of your production DB and test the upgrade procedure against the clone before trying it in production.

I have updated the Container-based schema upgrade to point to CTA public registry.

Just like @mdavis said earlier: you must always run the upgrade procedure against a clone of your productionDB.

At CERN I usually perform all possible checks on the production DB clone, then we upgrade our CTA preproduction instance and finally we go confidently for production.

Thanks. For this one (our dev system) I just manually ran the commands in the 12to14.sql verifying that they all looked reasonable. Good to know going forward we can do it this way (with appropriate testing).