Tape vendor compatibility

Hello friends,

We are looking at adding a second tape library to our deployment. We currently have an IBM TS4500, which has been working fine with CTA. We are looking at potentially using another vendor. Is there a compatibility matrix available or is it completely vendor agnostic?



Hi Denis,

at CERN, we are using tape libraries from two vendors: IBM (TS4500) and Spectra Logic (TFinity).

As long as the library provides SCSI media changer device (to mount/dismount tapes), there should be no problems.

We would be interested to know which other tape library suppliers you are considering. Please let us know.

Best regards,

Vladimir Bahyl

Hi all!
For note:
cta-taped+cta-rmcd work fine with HPE MSL6480 with SAS drives LTO8 (one rmcd for library)

Thanks guys! Glad to know the Spectra Logic and the HPE are working with no issues. Also happy to know that as long as it provides the scsi rmcd, it should work. We will be sure to verify before purchasing. I would assume all of the vendors would have this function.

We are considering Oracle / SpectraLogic / IBM with LTO9 drives.

Thanks again :slight_smile: